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I'm Kasey - a functional nutritionist for ambitious women - and I'm here to help you balance your hormones so you can take your health & freedom back.

I'm a former physician assistant who knew there had to be more to health than just medication. I turned functional nutritionist + corporate drop-out, and now I help women like you get their hormones back on track... without the crazy restriction.

I know exactly what it's like to have your hormones go haywire. Between a regimen of under-eating, over-exercising, and neglecting my health, my period went MIA for more than 3 years.

Modern medicine didn't have answers for me.  I tried every diet in the book, but still had no permanent solutions for my missing period, anxiety, insomnia, or hypothyroidism. Frustration and defeat became my new normal.

And then I found functional medicine.

I realized that I was neglecting the SINGLE biggest thing that would help me get my hormones back on track - my metabolism.

Long story short, I not only got my period back (with regular, predictable cycles) but banished PMS, and kicked period pain to the curb using a science-backed, root-cause approach.

And now I'm here to help you do the same.

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Oh hey!  I'm Kasey.

I'm a functional nutritionist and health detective. I take a root-cause, metabolism-first approach to hormone havoc, skin issues, and period problems to help you go from feeling like your hormones went haywire to total harmony.

I've been in your shoes and done it all.  With a diagnosis of amenorrhea and my doctor's solution being birth control for life... WHAT?!, I knew there had to be something more to health.  I dove into the research, went head-first for functional medicine, failed a lot and got back up a lot...

and today I'm happy to report Aunt Flo comes like clockwork with ZERO symptoms. No birth control necessary.

This work has changed my life, and helping you do the same is my literal fave.


the nitty gritty deets.

BS in Kinesiology - Central Michigan University
Master's of Physician Assistant Studies - Central Michigan University 
ADAPT Level One - Kresser Institute for Functional Medicine
FDN-P - FDN Program
FNPI Certification
Ongoing conferences + trainings


Before working with Kasey, I was diagnosed with PCOS and started on birth control + metformin. Within the first 8 weeks, I was having regular periods with regular ovulation, my depression vanished, and I got off all my medications. Working with Kasey has given me so much confidence and clarity in my healing journey!

- Abby g.


Previously my cramps were so bad I would get hot flashes, and no pain reliever could touch them. I no longer have to change a pad + tampon every hour or two and I’m most impressed by how my moods have improved! I don’t find myself on an emotional roller coaster throughout the month and for the first time in my life, I've had completely painless periods!  This has literally changed my life!



I was on birth control and bleeding 75% of the month. I'm now 3 months off the pill, my cycles are regular, and my libido is back! I am ECSTATIC!



root cause defined.

Where modern medicine may patch symptoms with band-aids, and diets patch symptoms with blind nutrition, we do things differently. A root-cause approach means diving deep, using nutrition, lifestyle, self-love, and targeted supplementation to unlock your body's innate healing power.


get the goods

Hormone healing starts with metabolic healing; grab the free Metabolic Assessment Training & get your first steps toward taking your hormone health back.