You didn't start a business to be spending 8 hours a day glued to your phone + Zoom meetings, barely even finding time to take a lunch break.

The truth is that if posting MORE, giving more value + following the gurus steps to "guaranteed cash" that involves using a trending audio led to more sales + more money... you'd be a millionaire already.

The reason I see so many nutritionists, health coaches, dietitians, fitness & wellness professionals struggle to hit consistent $10K, $15K + $20K months is because they don't have a marketing + sales plan they can customize for THEIR business.

Because sure, some story slide templates might save you time... but won't make a bit of difference if you're selling to someone else's audience instead of your own.

The clients you have get EPIC results. They're constantly saying, "This is the best investment I've ever made."

But getting MORE people in your audience to see that is where things feel sticky.

You're posting every day, using the trending audio, talking about your offer on Stories + giving SO much value... but people reaching out like, "Can I get deets on this?!" are few + far between.

Occasionally, a reel pops off + inquiries come in, but it's not consistent or repeatable. It feels more like luck + a guessing game than an, "I can just set it + forget it, knowing this will lead to sales."

And now you're praying the algo doesn't change too much or you're afraid sales will drop even more.

You're following all the basic marketing advice like "download these viral hooks!" + "just give more value." You're already DOING those things - but it's not putting more money in your bank account.

You're educating & giving away SO much incredible value - and people are liking your posts & saying things like, "So inspirational!" but aren't buying

You're spending all your time worrying about where the next client will come from, crossing your fingers that your content will lead to someone reaching out - and more crossed fingers hoping they don't ghost you or tell you "it's too expensive" which currently feels like the norm...

You're on WAY to many 1:1 calls, glued to your phone + a Zoom room to make money in your business -

And as a result... sales are sporadic + slow... you don't know what's activating your audience to buy so sales feels like a guessing game... and your bank account isn't loving it.

You want to be able to open your phone + see that little red dot in the corner of your DMs with multiple people asking for the link + details.

You want to be out shopping on a sunny Saturday with your sister + check your phone at the end of the day to see a, "Congratulations! You just made a new sale!" notification come through.

this gets to be your new normal.

sales doesn't have to be the hardest part of your business. because when you have a marketing + messaging system that brings in sales on demand and an offer suite structured to have people alWAYS BUYING - WHETHER YOU'RE ONLINE OR NOT-

this is when you build a business you can trust that finally feels safe.

Used cash from her business to buy a 2nd vehicle for their family

$15K month, $12.4K profit - DOUBLE her highest cash month from the year before

Messaging SO GOOD she has followers telling her it feels like she's inside their head - and ofc buying

Hey, queen, I'm Kasey.

I built a multiple 6 figure nutrition business while working a full time job...

after not making a dime for a year and almost burning my business to the ground in 2021 because it felt just as bad as corporate.

Truth is I was right where you are now - posting + praying hoping I was giving enough value to lead to sales, creating content on a whim based on what was on my mind, thinking that my marketing + messaging was good but then struggled to bring in consistent revenue month after month.

That's when I realized that if sales were sporadic, unpredictable, and slow no matter how much I was posting or how big my following was... I didn't actually have a marketing strategy.

So I ditched the dancing monkey trends + threw all of my energy into SIMPLE marketing strategies where my content + messaging are consistently leading to sales + inquiries...


Clients joining $2K - $8K packages easily in the DMs, no questions asked.

Knowing exactly what to say to create sales from my content every time I post.

Thousands coming in while I'm rock climbing + nowhere near my phone.


This gets to be your norm because if I can do it, so can you

  • You're waking up to DMs from soulmate clients asking how to work with you - and you aren't surprised because you know that every time you post + sell your offer, it leads to inquiries

  • You're having payment notifications drop into your email while you're nowhere near your phone: you're browsing around H&M when a "Congratulations! You just got paid!" email dings.

  • Your business model is so spacious you're taking Fridays off & booking that flight to see your sister across the country while Stripe payments roll in because you don't need to be glued to calls to make money

  • You know exactly what to say in your content + messaging to have people always buying and business finally feels LIGHT, like a machine that's just running all the time

  • Your business is designed to give you both space AND financial freedom. Gone are the days of "I can't, I have client calls", staring out your office window on a 75 degree summer day wishing you were at the beach but instead, you've got 8 client calls on your schedule.  Instead... you're ending your workday at 2 pm on a Tuesday, booking the extra 30 mins on your massage like, "No problem" while you're business makes MORE money with LESS calls in your calendar

Business gets to be simple.
Your calendar gets to be spacious.
You get to change hundreds of lives & get paid generously for it.

the how is here.


Ignite Your Income is based on my 3 phase IGNITE Framework:


  • Master your content & messaging to have clients buying all of the time from your content alone- whether or not you posted that day
  • Refine your messaging to speak directly to your soulmate clients, getting SO inside their head they can't help but think, "Fck I need to pay her!"
  • Build a hot audience that's constantly being warmed up & get your clients ready to buy from you - no questions asked

  • My Laid Back Sales Method that has offers selling simply & clients joining programs with ease
  • No convincing, force, or pushing clients into offers; they're just ready to work with you like - yesterday
  • Offers selling all the time whether you're on & actively selling or not
  • Simplify selling to be the easiest and most fun thing you do in business (no weird DM tactics from 2016).

  • We get clear on what you want YOUR business to look like & feel like... and build your offer suite from there
  • Build out your offers & biz model with sustainability & scalability in mind with my signature Ladder Method - multiple ways for your clients to pay you so you aren't always looking for new clients or trading time for more money
  • Add recurring revenue to your business & have predictable revenue coming in months in advance (no more starting over at $0 every month)

The REAL reason my business has generated more than $450K in less than 4 years?

It's not because I have a massive following, viral content, or because I work 18 hours a day.

The IGNITE framework works for 2 reasons:

1.  We take into account what you want YOUR business to look like in order to double + triple your revenue + put space in your calendar, and

2. We know that marketing & messaging is the heartbeat of your business and give you the tools + strategies to customize it to your audience. Most programs will hand you plug + play templates but if you don't know how YOUR audience likes to buy, and you don't know THEIR buyer types... that's why downloading "viral hooks", content calendars + sales slides templates works for *her*... but doesn't work for you.

no more time spent creating content hoping something goes viral.

Right now, you're grabbing your phone first thing in the morning, seeing everyone around celebrating their wins + wondering what you're missing.

Scrolling through IG looking for content inspiration + putting out content like *hers*, but wonder why it isn't working for you like it works for her.

You're checking all the right boxes, using the trending audio, creating reels, + you're OVER that basic marketing advice because, well, it just isn't working.

You've been in business for a hot sec, you know how to create content, + you've maybe even taken courses before. Yet sales still feel unpredictable + your income is inconsistent.

So to combat it, you try to show up more. Post more. Educate more. Go viral (again) to get in front of new people.

Except you're exhausted + you just want business to feel lighter + simpler. Like a massive EXHALE where you aren't spending 2 hours creating a piece of content only to post + pray sales come through.


No, you want a business that feels SAFE. Where you spend 30 minutes putting out a piece of content + Stories, you're setting your phone down for hours while you head to Barnes & Noble, not surprised in the least when you check your notifications 2 hours later and have inquiries coming through.

Everything you create sells. Sales calls are a thing of the past, and you have so much space in your calendar, you're picking up a new hobby while thousands come in months in advance.

Your business supports every season of life, whether you're starting a family or want to take a month off to travel through Europe, you aren't glued to a Zoom room (or your phone) to make massive amounts of money.

Sales come through for offers you aren't even selling + the entire vibe is: "It's working!"

2nd client that paid in full in the DMs (no sales calls)!

SO many new clients in a single week, she had to raise her rates!


High ticket offer nearly sold out before ever launching publicly

You & I both know there are THOUSANDS of business programs on the market.

why choose IYI?

I'm so glad you asked because I take my investments seriously, too.

Ignite Your Income is NOT  another “let’s stuff your calendar with more 1:1 clients then create a course group program”. This is NOT a place where you come in + learn the same "content pillars" or "give more value" you've been taught 5 million times. This is NOT another surface level marketing program that teaches you to just educate more so you can blend in with everyone else + their mom.

In Ignite Your Income, we move + we move fast. You learn to master your marketing + messaging, taking your offers from “ugh, another group program” to “Holy heck I NEED this.” We’re taking YOUR genius + getting it out to the masses so your offers become so irresistible, your clients are buying everything you have.

This is the place where you come in to build a business model that supports EVERY season of life - where every offer you create sells each other, putting thousands more in your bank account without strapping you to more calls + where your marketing + messaging do the heavy lifting for you so simple sales become your new normal.

The entrepreneurs that FULLY understand their audience + know how to market to them are the ones will continue to make more money even when trends change + the algorithm does its thing.


3 clients in a brand new offer she hardly talked about

from 30+ days without a sale... to clients paying for her highest ticket offer in full in the DMs

a client that told her "No" previously-- now a paying client - simple messaging shifts

simple messaging tweaks leading to messages like "girl I need you!"

  • 6 months inside a small group container where we work intimately together to amplify your marketing & messaging to do the heavy lifting FOR you - so dream clients are signing consistently and offers are selling all of the time from your content & messaging alone

  • 3 x60-minute group calls per month for 6 months: plug in for support + hot seat coaching

  • Access to the IGNITE curriculum: the step by step process to laid back sales on repeat

  • Group Telegram channel for support between calls (M-F): drop questions, get my eyes on your messaging, sales pages, everything goes.

  • My eyes in your business: I get to know your business intimately in our small group setting so we can refine, make tweaks, and get your content, messaging, & marketing making money for you

How Ignite Your Income Works:

YOUR PLUG & PLAY CONTENT TEMPLATE:  all your content in one place with ideas, prompts, and copywriting suggestions

& let's not forget the cherry on top bonuses:

TEMPLATES & OUTLINES:  creating a sales page? We have a template for that. Launch event? We have a template for that.

DONE FOR YOU EMAIL SEQUENCES:  my email funnel sequences that have generated thousands gifted to you

my goal for you?

With everything from curriculum to hands-on support, feedback, eyes in your business, templates to plug & play... 

simple business. thriving bank account. lit up soul.

I'm in your business with you... and IT DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS.

ready for a business with massive impact, massive money, simplicity and spaciousness?







You aren't new to business. You've been doing this on your own... or you've taken some courses + programs before; heck, maybe you've even been burned by past investments + you're telling yourself that when you sign another client, you'll invest.

But if all the strategies you've implemented were working... wouldn't you be where you want to be by now?

You and I both know that nothing changes if nothing changes.

If you want massive results, it requires risk. It requires getting uncomfortable. And it requires thinking long term in your business.

So don't just take it from me.

Take it from my client who had her first $15K month inside Ignite Your Income and used cash from her business to purchase a second vehicle for her family.

Take it from my client who sold out her group program before she ever launched her offer publicly.

Take it from my client who went 30+ days without making a SINGLE sale in her business... to 2 (and counting) clients investing in her highest ticket offer in the DMs... within 72 hours just from a few messaging tweaks.

your next move is up to you

ready for a business where your marketing is always making you money with more space in your calendar?