You didn't start a business to be spending 8 hours a day glued to your phone + Zoom meetings, barely even finding time to take a lunch break.

The truth is that if working MORE and posting MORE led to more sales + more money... you'd be a millionaire already.

The reason I see so many nutritionists, health coaches, dietitians, fitness & wellness professionals struggle to hit consistent $10K+ months without trading ALL of their time for money is because they don't have a marketing + sales plan they can customize for THEIR businesses.

Listen. I know you're dedicated AF to your business. I know you're SO good at what you do + you're here to play the long game...

but winging your business - whether you've got no strategy or you're constantly changing your strategy - isn't where massive growth comes from.

If I've learned anything over the last 3 years of building a multiple 6 figure nutrition business...

it's that more work doesn't = more money.

More intentionality with your strategy DOES.

Ignite Your Income is where you'll save time, energy, AND money by having simple strategies... backed by building the business YOU want to build (not a carbon copy of mine).

You're posting consistently, showing up, and trying to be on every platform... but inquiries + sales aren't happening regularly

You're educating & giving away SO much incredible value - and people are liking your posts & saying things like, "So inspirational!" but aren't buying (and you start to wonder if your biz is ever really going to take off).

Selling feels hard and you're spending all your time worrying about where the next client will come from

You're glued to your phone + a Zoom room to make money, and can't figure out how to make more while working less.

You KNOW your offers are the SH!T & are life-changing AF... but you're left wondering... "where are all the dreamy soulmate clients who are SO ready to work with me?"

If you feel like...

and i know you want a sustainable business with THOUSANDS COMING IN BEFORE THE MONTH STARTS where clients are sending you, "i'm in!" messages regularly...

where you're waking up to the smell of fresh coffee & the ping of stripe notifications.

This is the place we design your business your way - where your business always has ways to make money

...and where your business supports every season of life.

Hey, queen, I'm Kasey.

I built a multiple 6 figure nutrition business while working a full time job...

after not making a dime for a year and almost burning my business to the ground in 2021 because it felt just as bad as corporate.

I unlearned 80% of what I'd been taught about building a business, stopped using strategies I actually hated, and made it my mission to simplify + scale.


Clients that buy as soon as the link goes live.

Clients joining $2K - $6K packages paid in full.

$10K - $20K launches.

All without sales calls, DM outreach, engagement tactics, handling objections, posting twice a day, or giving my life over to my phone.

Can we just imagine for a sec...

  • Waking up to hell yes clients you're *obsessed* with in your DMs - like you could actually be friends IRL - from your content alone (no more chasing).

  • Staying home, raising a family, & being there for your fam while making consistent $5k-$10k months - with only a few hours of calls a week

  • A business model so spacious you're taking Fridays off & soaking up the sun on the beach while Stripe payments roll in

  • Your content selling FOR you so you can be on your phone less while making more (no sales calls necessary)

  • A business that you can trust- with sustainable revenue, scalable offers, and that supports you in every season of life

  • The impact you set out to have being birthed to life- lives changed, paradigms shifting... while you get paid GENEROUSLY for it

Business gets to be simple.
Your calendar gets to be spacious.
You get to change lives & get paid generously for it.

the how is here.


The REAL reason my business has generated more than $300K in less than 3 years?

It's not because I have a massive following, viral content, or because I work 18 hours a day.

The IGNITE framework works for 2 reasons:

1.  We take into account what you want YOUR business to look like and

2. We use marketing & messaging as the backbone - whether you're looking to make your first $3K, grow from $5K to $10K months, or build a scalable offer suite... marketing & messaging is the key to it all.

You & I both know there are THOUSANDS of business programs on the market.

why choose this one?

I'm so glad you asked because I take my investments seriously, too.

Ignite Your Income is where your marketing + messaging do the heavy lifting for you so simple sales become your new normal. When you have a marketing + sales strategy that works for YOUR audience in YOUR business... you can rinse + repeat, knowing it works every time.

the work we do inside Ignite Your Income is designed to grow WITH you - so you can make more while doing less.

A couple years ago, I told my husband that if business had to be THIS complicated... there's no way we could start a family.

I knew if I was going to grow & scale, it needed to be sustainable AF.

So that's what I built.

and now i'm showing you how.

Ignite Your Income is all based on my 3 phase IGNITE Framework:


  • Master your content & messaging to sell for you and have clients buying all of the time from your content alone
  • Refine your messaging to speak directly to your soulmate clients, getting SO inside their head they can't help but think, "Fck I need to pay her!"
  • How to keep your audience warm all the time & get your clients ready to buy from you - no questions asked

  • My Laid Back Sales Method that has offers selling simply & clients joining programs with ease
  • No convincing, force, or pushing clients into offers; they're just ready to work with you like - yesterday
  • Offers selling all the time whether you're on & actively selling or not
  • Simplify selling to be the easiest and most fun thing you do in business (no weird DM tactics from 2016).

  • We get clear on what you want YOUR business to look like & feel like... and build from there
  • Build out your offers & biz model with sustainability & scalability in mind with my signature Ladder Method - multiple ways for your clients to pay you so you aren't always looking for new clients or trading time for more money
  • Add recurring revenue to your business & have predictable revenue coming in months in advance

2nd client that paid in full in the DMs (no sales calls)!

SO many new clients in a single week, she had to raise her rates!

$12K MONTH!!


Almost $7K after expenses!

LMK if any of these sound like you:

You're SO good at what you do but every month feels like you're starting over at $0. You want consistent clients + consistent revenue to support your family.

You want a business that supports every season of life - whether you're planning for a family or just wanna travel, your business is bringing in thousands in revenue months in advance. Predictable income = your new normal.

You want selling to be so much simpler. If right now, you're exhausted between serving clients, discovery calls, 11 page sales scripts, and spending 90 minutes a day on IG "engaging", you're ready for a simpler way to make money without burning out. 

You KNOW it's possible to make more while doing less - and you're ready to go ALL in for it. You just need the HOW.

You want a business that's authentic AF, integrity-driven, & built around the real you

You know you're destined for so much more - but the HOW is tripping you up. You're ready for simple strategy, & an aligned business that feels like fvcking FUN again

you're right & I'm SOOO READY! >>

I built my nutrition business to 6 figures in less than 18 months with a full-time job from my content & marketing alone- allowing me to fly to Utah for a week & still have thousands coming in.

^ That's marketing doing the heavy lifting, sales getting to be so simple, and an Ignited Income.


3 clients in her brand new group program!

content tweaks & more engagement!

a client that told her "No" previously-- now a paying client!!

sold more the last 2 months than the entire year!

  • 3 months inside a small group container where we work intimately together to amplify your marketing & messaging to do the heavy lifting FOR you - so dream clients are signing consistently and offers are selling all of the time from your content & messaging alone

  • 3 group calls per month: 1-2 are live trainings, the remainder are support / hot seat coaching calls - these calls are for YOU; anything goes

  • Access to the IGNITE curriculum: the step by step process to making sales simply

  • Group Telegram channel for support between calls (M-F): drop questions, get my eyes on your messaging, sales pages, everything goes.

  • My eyes in your business: I get to know your business intimately in our small group setting so we can refine, make tweaks, and get your content, messaging, & sales to work for you

How Ignite Your Income Works:

YOUR PLUG & PLAY CONTENT TEMPLATE:  all your content in one place with ideas, prompts, and copywriting suggestions

& let's not forget the cherry on top bonuses:

LAUNCH CALENDAR WITH 2 TYPES OF LAUNCHES:  depending on your style, we not only help you craft scalable offers... but launch them effectively & easily.

TEMPLATES & OUTLINES:  creating a sales page? We have a template for that. Launch event? We have a template for that.

my goal for you?

With everything from curriculum to hands-on support, feedback, eyes in your business, templates to plug & play... 

simple business. thriving bank account. lit up soul.

I'm in your business with you... and IT DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS.

ready for a business with massive impact, massive money, simplicity and spaciousness?







I know you've been doing this on your own... or maybe you've taken some courses + programs before.

But if that was all working... wouldn't you be where you want to be by now?

You've made it this far down the page for a reason and I know that if you're still reading, you're feeling the nudge.

What if you could invest just a few hundred a month... to 10X your investment & start bringing in thousands - from your content alone? #nowthatsanROI

I know you're working your booty off to reach your goals, feeling exhausted in the process, and spinning your wheels when it comes to strategy.

And that's exactly why I created Ignite Your Income -

so you can change the trajectory of your business and build a life-changing income and a business that feels like HOME - not just for today. But forever.

tough love moment...

ready for a business with massive impact, massive money, simplicity and spaciousness?