We've been taught that hormonal imbalances + period problems are "normal" or "inevitable"...

Our culture tells women that hormonal imbalances + period problems are "normal" or "inevitable"...

But around here, we know the truth...
common doesn't equal normal.

and easy, regular periods are your birthright.

Note: HRM is open to women in the US + Canada ONLY. Hair tests cannot be mailed from NY, NJ or RI, and blood labs cannot be done in those same states.  We will provide you with information on what to do if you live in one of these states.

Welcome to the Hormone Reset Method - your one-stop-hormone-balancing shop.  We don't just believe you get to have easy periods, balanced hormones, and more energy...

more freedom... more impact... more living the life you know you were meant for without your hormones holding you back...

You can have it all.


we're making it a reality.

We think we need to be able to handle it ALL, yet...

80% of women will struggle with a hormonal imbalance at some point in her life.

And you're wayyy too busy to keep letting your hormones hold you hostage. 

So consider this your permission slip.

To give your body the tools it needs to heal so you can have a bigger impact + win your freedom, time, and life back.

Knowing exactly how to nourish so you can stop second-guessing yourself.

No outdated diet advice, no crazy extremes...

Just zero-B.S. strategies and a biology-based approach that actually WORKS.


welcome home.

Thing is: I know how frustrating it feels when modern medicine doesn't have the answers you really want.

let's make it happen together.

Functional nutrition is different. Root cause.
Your symptoms are real. You deserve to thrive.

Raise ya hand if this sounds familiar...

Raise ya hand if this sounds familiar...

are dreaminggg of the day when your hormones no longer hold you hostage, force you to call into work sick or cancel vacations. Easy asf periods? Yes pls.

are BEYOND ready for a solution other than "take birth control and lose weight" to solve your painful periods, cramps, irregular cycles, PCOS, mood swings, low energy + low libido.

want a simple approach to nutrition that's backed by science and doesn't involve you having to eliminate everything you love + live on veggies forever (no thx). You want food + healing to feel like second nature.

crave a root-cause approach to healing your hormones from the inside out. You're D-O-N-E with bandaid solutions, trendy diets, and supplements that don't work & are ready to step into a process.






WANT TO PUT THE POWER BACK IN YOUR OWN HANDS and fall in LOVE with your health and your cycles again.


if you said "hell yes!" to any of those... you are my kinda gal...

and you're absolutely in the right place.

Here's the thing:

When I lost my period for 3 years, I tried ALLL the tips + tricks to get it back.

The fancy supplements.
The trendy diets.
Low carb, fasting, you name it.



I recovered my period and balanced my hormones when I started focusing on the things that actually mattered - the root cause.

And if I can do it, so can you.

Your periods came virtually without warning; no more STAT bathroom trips, period cramps, or calling into work sick

Imagine if...

Your cycles came right on time, predictably, with monthly ovulation + optimal fertility



close your eyes with me...

You had more energy than ever and finally felt like your body was working FOR you - not against you


You felt completely clear + confident in your nutrition + hormone-healing strategy, finally kissing Google goodbye


You were living your life with total freedom, feeling grounded, supported, nourished- fully. For life. 


It gets to be EASY.

Hormone healing means inclusion, not exclusion.

So many women ask me, "What do I have to give up?!", but listen:

I not only restored my period... but unlocked completely painless, symptom-free periods that come almost without warning, reversed hypothyroidism, and finally got my energy back.

Without giving up dinner cocktails, pizza, or peach cobbler.

and i've helped dozens of clients + students do the exact same.

These results don't lie!

I didn't want to live my life on some restrictive diet *hoping* my hormones would be happy again.

I didn't want to do all the things the "hormone gurus" tell you to do - cut carbs, go vegan, give up xyz... talk about unsustainable.

No. Thanks.

I didn't want to count calories, eat salads for every meal, and never be able to order pizza.

So tell me if this is you...

So tell me if this is you.

you want to heal your hormones + fix your periods without crazy restrictive diets + going to extremes that just feel icky. You're ready to say goodbye to bandaid solutions.

you're ready to cut through the overwhelm and finally feel clear + confident in your nutrition and supplements, knowing that it doesn't have to be THAT freaking hard (bye, Google).

you want to ditch the outdated strategies and do hormone-healing the new (and more potent) way - with a holistic, root cause approach

you're ready to pull up a damn seat + bridge the gap between where you're at now and where you want to go - with it feeling doable + sustainable every step of the way.





you crave support and accountability to help you reach your goals and know you're ready to go ALL IN on your health.


The Hormone Reset Method


Your one-stop-shop for balanced hormones and symptom-free, predictable, easy AF periods - without crazy restriction.

sign me uppp! >

Say sayonara to painful periods, fatigue, PMS, mood swings, sore boobs, + low libido

Connect with other women on a similar path, amplifying the power on your healing journey

Discover predictable, regular periods *even with PCOS* and *even if you've tried everything*

Develop a rock-solid nutrition, lifestyle + supplement strategy that you feel totally confident about

Unlock your next level, feeling nourished and empowered by your health again.

once you integrate and embody the upgrades inside hrm, you're about to...

Have all the tools you need to thrive instead of just survive, targeting the root causes of hormonal imbalances

Connect with other women on a similar path, amplifying the power on your healing journey

What makes HRM different?

we have your metabolism in mind.

Healing your metabolism is the most effective way to balance your hormones and have easy, regular, PMS-free periods for good.  And that's exactly what we teach you.

Based on our 3-phase process, we show you the exact steps to help you banish period pain + PMS, regulate your cycles, clear your skin, get your energy back, and live your life again.

This program is literally changing lives (and generations) - and we're pretty dang proud of that.

And our students are *CRUSHING* it!

Your transformation starts here: with high-quality nutrients, minerals, blood sugar balance, and metabolic & hormone nourishment. 

Open drainage pathways and support your detox systems to keep toxins & estrogen moving. 

And if you've ever felt confused or overwhelmed by supplements, we talk about leverage smart supps to bridge nutritional gaps with your hormones + metabolism in mind.

Here's What You'll Learn

Metabolic Nourishment

Drainage & Detox



Hormones are only the byproduct of the systems that control, manage, and create them. 

In this phase, you'll implement strategic thyroid, gut, and adrenal support for a well-rounded protocol and an environment that happy hormones thrive in.

This phase also means making hormone healing part of your daily life- without restriction.

Systems Support



How It Works

12-week curriculum walking you through our 3 phase process
($3000 value)

self led curriculum

Monthly live group coaching calls with yours truly to help you navigate + course-correct
($2000 value)

group calls

Exclusive Facebook community with other women on a similar journey for support + connection
($997 value)


Personalized labs ya can't get at your doc's office to customize your journey? Um, yes please.

We dig deep and send you your very own hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) test with a personalized screenshare results + recommendations recording!  This is the #1 place I start with every high-level 1:1 client as it gives us a deep look into the spark plugs of your hormones.

($399 value)

HTMA with Results + Rec's

Bonus #1

One of the biggest drivers of hormonal imbalances is iron + copper issues. Without getting TOO nerdy on the science, we compare your blood iron panel to your HTMA test for a full look at what's driving inflammation in your body, contributing to hormonal imbalances.

($399 value)

Full Monty Iron Panel

Bonus #2

Curious about cyclical exercise?  Fertility awareness method?  Herbs for cycle support?  Mind-body connection?  We gotchu, sis!  We provide you with pre-recorded guest speakers and are constantly bringing in new guests to support your healing journey.

($2000 value)

Guest Speakers on Hot Topics


Bonus Guest Speakers

Bonus #3

“I went from bleeding 75% of the month to regular 25-day cycles”

"I'm now 5 months off birth control, my cycles have regulated, and my libido is coming back! Plus, my mood swings have gotten WAY better! I knew that I was being guided in the right direction and would absolutely recommend HRM!"

becky regulated her cycle

proof is in the pudding!

“Working with Kasey has been life-changing for me.”

"Previously, my cramps were so bad no pain reliever could touch them. I had my first completely painless period, my depression is GONE, and I no longer feel like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde when my period comes! I'm so grateful for this experience! If you're thinking about it, DO IT!"

anna had her first painless period

“My cycles come with zero bells and whistles. Mind blown!”

"I was diagnosed with estrogen dominance and Hashimoto's thyroiditis. My doctor wanted me on meds but I knew I needed a different approach. HRM came at exactly the right time. I have AMAZING periods now- they come and go with zero bells or whistles and my whole cycle is a non-event. I'm so grateful I did this for myself!"

mai put an end to estrogen dominance


... what if those are just nudges from the Universe telling you to trust your gut and take the damn leap?

Now those thoughts you're having right now...

if it was all guaranteed, how would you move?

As one of my mentors once told me...

I'm here to support you in healing your hormones and having amazing periods without resorting to unnecessary restriction.

falling in love with your cycles, hormones, and fertility again.

I recovered my missing period after losing it for 3 years, finally unlocked painless + symptom-free cycles, reversed hypothyroidism, ditched 12+ years on birth control... and took my power back.

It didn't happen by accident and it didn't happen with a "magic pill."

I packaged up everything I've implemented myself and everything my 1:1 clients implement to balance your hormones for good.

And I'm teaching you it ALL.

What's Up, Sis?!

if i can do it, you sure as hell can, too.

I'm Kasey, your former PA turned functional nutritionist + hormone hype girl.

This is your time. This is your sign.

More living, more freedom.

I spent 6 years practicing medicine only to find myself (and my patients) unfulfilled and without answers.

So I went back to school (3 times lol), healed my own hormones in the process, and now I'm combining my years of education and experience to show you how you can heal your hormones, too.

I'm here to tell you... that there is hope.

You, my love, have got this.

But information without implementation won't get you anywhere fast. Your application is what leads to epic AF results and moves the needle forward in your health.

Only question is: are you ready for that?

HRM is everything you need to balance your hormones for good.

yep let's go! >

12 week program impementing our 3-phase process

group coaching calls for accountability

community + support

Follow a proven roadmap

Get a proven process in place to balance your hormones

Cut through the trial, error, and overwhelm

Feel confident, clear, and strong

Fall in love with your cycles instead of dreading them

Set yourself up for life-long happy hormones

Live in harmony with your hormones again... sustainably

I'm so excited for you to finally:

say no more. leT's go! >

This is totally for you if:

you're ready to get to the root of hormonal imbalance + period probs

you're eating a vegan diet + are unwilling to add animal protein

you're ready to feel at home in your body, working with your hormones

weight loss is your only goal

you're ready to do the deep healing work + create massive transformation

It's def not for you if...

you don't have a growth mindset + aren't committed to real change

a woman in her power - hormones and all - is dang sexy and makes a massive impact in this world.


Is this right for me?

Do you have PMS, PCOS, irregular periods, painful or heavy periods,  hair loss, hormonal acne / migraines, fatigue, amenorrhea, thyroid conditions?  DONE with diet culture's BS + ready to step into a strategy that takes your whole health to heart?  
You're in the right place.

i know you have q's

I want to, but I'm afraid to invest!

If investing in yourself feels like a stretch, I get it. I once had a mentor that asked me, "If you do nothing today, where will you be 6 months from now? There's a difference between seeing yourself as a gamble and seeing yourself as worth investing in." and it blew my mind. So let me ask: do you see yourself as a gamble... or an investment?

Will this help me lose weight?

I make no guarantees in this program, but let me offer a simple perspective shift. This program is designed to teach you exactly what your body needs to thrive on a cellular level. Whether you lose a little, gain a little, or stay the same, my goal for you is that by the end of this program, your weight will be an after-thought to how much better you feel all around - how much energy you have, how stable your mood is, how strong your libido is, and how much better your periods are. I am not a weight loss coach and weight is NOT my primary focus for you inside this program, so if weight loss is your main goal, this isn't the place for you.

How do I know this will really work for me?

This methodology has helped dozens of students from multiple countries balance their hormones and have improvements period pain, heavy flow, PCOS, PMS symptoms, hypothyroid symptoms, anxiety, fatigue, acne, and more!
We help you integrate both education and actionable steps to help you achieve maximum results; that being said, this is NOT for someone looking for a magic quick fix who isn't willing to show up and do the work.  It requires your commitment and requires you being coachable. Sound like you?  Good :)

How long will I have access?

You'll have lifetime access to the curriculum!

How does testing work?

As soon as you enroll, you'll have immediate access to the curriculum. We'll mail you a hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) test as a bonus so you have personalized results + recommendations from yours truly.  You'll receive an email from us with testing instructions; please complete the test as soon as it comes in the mail and please allow up to 2 weeks from the time the lab receives the test for us to receive your results. 
We will review your test results and email you a Results + Recommendations report encompassing a customized protocol when it comes to nutrition, lifestyle, and supplements.

Can I do this if I'm vegan?

Short answer: no. This program is designed for women willing to incorporate animal protein.

I still have more Q's!

Happy to answer and help you step into an empowered decision! Shoot me a DM on Instagram @kasey.goins and let's chat! :)


Clients served


Countries served


Lab results read


the coffee
eep! okay let's do it! >

Still on the Fence?

let's do this

I totally hear you.
Healing looks a *LOT* different when you pull up a seat. :)

You can watch and wonder... or you can put it into motion.

If I'm being honest, you've gotta stretch if you wanna grow..

If this feels like a stretch, but the nudge is there... it's there for a reason.