food shouldn't have to be confusing aSf.

What if you could feel clear + confident in your nutrition without restriction - and have happy hormones at the same time?

If you're tired of diet dogmas + the shame-filled roller coaster and want to just *eat* for healthy hormones without the restriction... you're in the right place.

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Society has it all wrong.

You've heard things like, "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" but every time you jump on a new diet, you fall off and blame yourself for a lack of willpower (enter, "diet starts Monday").

We've been told we need to restrict, eliminate, "never have", "quit" so many different types of foods - especially when you're struggling with heavy, painful, long periods, irregular cycles, PCOS + fertility challenges. 

We're so obsessed with gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, meat-free, and carb-free diets that we become debilitated by the very diets meant to make us healthy in the first place.

there's gotta be something better... and there is.

I get it.

you're overwhelmed with diets.

The Internet is HELLA confusing; every time you scroll there's another conflicting piece of diet advice + you just want some clarity.

you need a straightforward, no b.s. nutrition approach

You're tired of food obsession and food restriction; you just want to eat in a way that makes you feel nourished while being sustainable AF

... and it needs to be simple.

I know you're busy like me. You need something that you can implement STAT without spending all day in the kitchen.  I gotchu.

Ready to ditch outdated fads + opt for a food strategy that actually makes you feel confident & is finally sustainable?

HHE is your playbook to...

Get off the diet rollercoaster with simple, sustainable nutrition

Finally get your energy back (no afternoon crashes & 2 pm Starbies runs)

Balance your hormones & unlock easy, regular periods

Ditch restriction + know how food works FOR you - with a root cause, science-backed approach

we're taking the guesswork out of food + helping you create confidence in your nutrition without the rigid rules.

girl, sign me up!

Support your hormones + overall health with ancestral nutrition - while still enjoying freedom + flexibility

Know exactly how food works for you so you can get off Google and stop spending hours in the kitchen

Create sustainable ways of eating - no rigid restriction or "forbidden" foods. Just knowing how food works for you

Healthy Hormone Eats

welcome to

A powerful self=paced course designed to help you eliminate food confusion + get a clear nutrition strategy in place for regular cycles + periods that don't even feel like you're on your period.

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What's inside...

Why popular diets aren't the answer to painful, irregular periods- and exactly what to do instead (without going to extremes)

How to structure your plate and balance your blood sugar to keep your hormones running smooth all month

Never feeling confused by nutrition advice again. No more Google searching, no more trial + error. No more food overwhelm.

How to create freedom + flexibility in your diet (hello, s'mores + sushi night) while still supporting your hormones

What's Inside HHE:

easily digestible lessons

20+ short video lessons + PDF  downloads to help you ditch nutrition confusion + know exactly how to eat for happy hormones - cutting your hormone balancing journey time in half

downloadable goodies

Downloadable PDFs, grocery guides, sample meal plans, snack swaps, + more

actionable curriculum

One step at a time - you don't have to overhaul your entire life for health. We show you easy shifts + sustainable habits with nutrition the entire family will love

Hey, babe,  I'm Kasey.

I'm a former physician assistant turned functional diagnostic nutritionist. I've worked with dozens of clients to help them take a nutrition-forward approach to hormone havoc, skin issues, and period problems to go from surviving to thriving.

But it wasn't always this way.

I've been on almost every diet in the book trying to get my health back on track - but none of it felt sustainable. I was exhausted, frustrated, and felt like eating shouldn't have to be THIS hard.

Then I found functional medicine. And learned that most of what the diet gurus tell us... is total BS and NOT the way your body was designed to operate.

We learn things like "get abs in 1 week!", "shed 20 pounds in 14 days!", and NOBODY has taught us how to actually take care of our bodies in a way that doesn't leave us exhausted, craving, and wanting.

This is me telling you it doesn't have to be that way.

If you want to feel nourished, grounded, and empowered... you've come to the right place.


  • Hitting up the grocery store and no longer being confused by what's actually healthy and hormonally supportive - and what's just good marketing

  • Feeling clear and confident in your nutrition choices - and hormones, skin, and energy that thanks you for it

  • Finally seeing improvement in period struggles, acne, low libido, fatigue, + more

  • Being able to eat to support your hormones while still enjoying Grandma's famous choco chip cookies

i love cookies. let's do it! >

HHE is for you if...

  • You're ready to take your life back from painful, heavy, irregular, crampy periods & PMS

  • You're ready to feel clear and confident with your nutrition, knowing that you're setting your hormones up to be balanced for life while still eating the things you love

  • You want a simple way to structure your nutrition that doesn't feel rigid, extreme, or force you to give up everything you love

  • You want your nutrition to just be an afterthought: something you just do rather than something that occupies all your brain space (let's be real - you've got more important things in life to focus on)

  • Ya don't wanna be eating chicken & broccoli all day bc ew

HHE is nutrition made simple & straightforward...

for only $297.



Here's how it works:

We're taking the guesswork out of hormone healing nutrition and helping you understand why popular diets & trends haven't worked yet (and what does).

The nutrition fundamentals I implement with ALL private clients & Hormone Reset Method students to unlock balanced hormones, easy periods, regular cycles, more energy, and optimal fertility

This isn't your typical "follow this list of food rules" nutrition guidance. We're diving into specific foods that give your hormones a nutrient boost while setting up your plate for healthy periods.

This module is centered around building a balanced plate for healthy hormones without going to extremes. No counting, no weighing food, no restriction. We even have a lesson on food freedom & flexibility so you can eat out while still being mindful of your hormones.

Plus, get access to cheat sheets, grocery guides, and sample meal plans to guide you


Is this right for me?

HHE works for women with PMS, PCOS, irregular periods, painful or heavy periods, hair loss, hormonal acne / migraines, fatigue, amenorrhea, & thyroid conditions.  If you're ready to cut through the nutrition noise + eat to balance your hormones, you're in the right place.

answering your Q's...

Can I do this if I'm vegan?

Short answer: no. This program isn't designed for women not willing to incorporate animal protein.

Will this help me lose weight?

I make no guarantees in this program, but let me offer a simple perspective shift. This program is designed to teach you the nutrition foundations your female physiology needs. Whether you lose a little, gain a little, or stay the same, my goal for you is that your weight will be an after-thought to how much better you feel all around. I am not a weight loss coach and weight is NOT my primary focus for you inside this program, so if weight loss is your main goal, this isn't the place for you. If balancing your hormones IS, welcome home.

How long will this take?

All video lessons are designed with your busy lifestyle in mind. Lessons take no more than 5-15 minutes, and we provide you with plenty of cheat sheets, handouts, and tools so you can get started right away.

Is there anyone who shouldn't join?

Please check with your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding; your body will have different nutritional requirements. 

I do not recommend this if you are vegan or vegetarian or have an eating disorder.

I still have more Q's!

Happy to answer and help you step into an empowered decision! Shoot me a DM on Instagram @kasey.goins and let's chat! :)

What if I need more support?

These nutrition strategies have worked for countless women, but if you feel like you need more support, take a peek inside the Reset Method.


Cool. Let's Do This.

Step inside HHE + let's balance your hormones with simple nutrition.